First Lady Sandra Deal's "With Servant's Heart Award" acknowledged a person with steadfast commitment to selfless action, going above and beyond the call of duty to serve others.

Minister Keisha Atoe, was celebrated at the Governor's Mansion on Monday January 23, 2017 for being a nominee for this prestigious award through the Department of Community Health (DCH).

Minister Keisha is a committed volunteer who gives generously of her time in several capacities: she has worked on several building projects for Habitat for Humanity, nailing the foundation and walls into place for a home a person will live in. The builds were often wet, cold and muddy, but Atoe loved it anyway. She felt like she was really helping. As a Wellness Ambassador for the State of Georgia’s Department of Human Services, Office of Inspector General she was the liaison between the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) and her division, assisting SHBP to schedule lunch and learn programs, helping raise awareness on how to achieve wellness, and educating staff about exercise, stress, and how to eat healthier meals. She has served her church's street ministry, volunteered for years at her church's youth ministry. Her next volunteer adventure includes becoming an ambassador for Wellspring Living, an organization geared towards helping victims of human trafficking settle back into their lives. Through it all, Minister Keisha wants to help better the children and families in her community and throughout the state of Georgia, expressly in the world. Minister Keisha's deep seated generosity and exhausted efforts she has put toward helping others show a true servant's heart and is the reason why she was DCH's nominee for First Lady Deal's Servant's Heart Award.

Not only does Atoe spend a good portion of her free time doing community service, but helping children is something she especially holds near and dear to her heart. As an avid volunteer She has collected everything from clothing, personal items, and school supplies to give to kids at shelters as well as much needed products for the babies. Her church's street ministry also went to Brunswick where Atoe helped distribute school supplies and food in a community that was truly in need. 

In addition to her other activities, it may seem that Atoe's volunteer work is additional time away from her already busy life, but community service has only enhanced Minister Keisha's life for the better. Helping others, especially Georgia children and families, is not labor for Minister Keisha and has brought happiness and fulfillment to her busy life. There's an adage that says "If you want something done, give it to a busy person." Atoe exemplifies this quote and lives it every day with joy in doing good deeds for others.

Minister Keisha is one of many generous employees within DCH that gives her time and efforts to helping her community. She provides services that connect this vulnerable population to needed school supplies and wellness initiatives in order to nourish families and children's education when a lack of these necessities could harm a child's ability to grow and learn.



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